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>> sam! sam! >> are we late? what did we miss? >> nothing, ms. coradeen, the town meeting hasn't each started yet. >> i will told you we'd be fine. i didn't have the time to let the second coat of face paint dry before applying the third. >> it's holding up real well. where's emaline? >> well, how should i know, i've had my face under the dryer for like 45 minutes. >> summer, what are you doing here? i thought you were leaving. >> well, dad and i sat down and had the first total honest conversation i think we've ever had. he gave his life to christ and he's different now, in a good way. after that talk, i realize that he loves me and he's doing what he can date of birth a good father, and that can't be easy. >> both of our dads have been
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under pressure a lot. >> i think he needs me and i think i need him, too, so we're staying. >> awesome! this is going to be so great. >> hi, folks, thank you for coming. please, gather around. i would like to update you on a couple of things. a couple of weeks ago when i found out that the board was shutting us down, i didn't tell anyone. i want to apologize for that and for trying to handle the situation on my own. i realized since then it that i have friends who are here for me and that god loves me. i don't know where grayson grains will end up, but i'm here to sponsor this this year's festival which will once again be called the bethlehem christmas festival! [applause] praise the lord. now go change that sign right back. also, i'm reeen stating the nativity part of the program, which i cut last year, but this year i want to honor and celebrate god coming into the
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world. i wish i had some ways to keep the factory open but the truth is, i just don't. one way or another, i believe god will show up and i want to be here when he does. thank you. >> excuse me, i don't mean to be rude, but what are we supposed to do in the meantime? >> you are supposed to keep your chin up and your mouth shut, opaline! >> this is not the way to lose heart. mama said the best way to forget your worries was to get busy. i think we should do that, too. >> hold on. i fouled something, it's very important. >> somebody called the paramedic, she hasn't moved that since the cook out. >> ermaline, do you remember the
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song mama taught us about forgetting about our worries if have you lost your mind? i've found something very important here and you're talking about song if. >> don't get started. now i'm starting to glis sentencglisten overhere. >> we're tabooing to teach a mama song! get up on the piano. pews muse forget your worries. forget your cares. it's christmas time in the air. ♪ music now is the time to celebrate! >> when i think the baby savior lived in a manger in bethlehem, i keep on praying for everythi
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everything. jesus came to rescue me. ♪ music think about the birth of jesus, i think about the king of heaven coming down to us. ♪ music for empg my savio everything my, i'm thankful. ♪ music >> forget your worries. forget your cares.
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it's christmas time and jesus is in the air. we've got got problems. we've all got woes. ♪ music jesus is lord! ♪ music sing it now! ♪ music frsjesus is lord! oh yeah! jesus is born! jesus is born! jesus is born! ♪ music jesus is born! [applause] evan! evan! i just found something. i have found the original house of bread charter. >> i remember this.
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my grand fear used to talk about this when he was back during the great depression. it was a contract that he wrote. this charter provided for the employees to buy back the factory in case it couldn't sustain it self for any reason. back then, about 95% of the town was employed by the factory. >> by why is it called the house of bread charter? >> well, that's what the word bethlehem means, house of bread. >> it says that the employees can play $1 each year plus one month of production given to the poor. >> is it legal it? it's so old and everything. >> probably for the, but it gives me an idea. maybe great american grains can sell the company back to us, not to grayson, but you the workers, draw up our own house of bread charter. >> after all, our company has been holing it's own. great american grains needed us to support them.
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>> i think it's a great idea. where do i sign? >> listen, this won't solve our problems overnigh overnight. in order for this to work everyone, i mean everyone will have to make sacrifices? arsacrifices. are you willing do that? >> i am. i'm willing do that. i think mr. grayson ought to head this up. he's one of us, you know, and he's done the best that he can do. what do you think about that? >> he's just like his brother. >> are you ready to go back to bethlehem? >> i'm ready to take a step out on faith. hey, we've got a christmas
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>> the people would walk in darkness will see a great light. those who walk in a dark land, the light will shine is on them. >> god sent an angel to the city
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of galilee in the city of nazareth to a virgin. joseph was a defender of king david. the virgin's name was mary. ♪ music oh mighty god! hear me! ♪ music
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from this day unto every generation, oh bless you, the mother of the savior. the son of god! he will reign forever.
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his kingdom will never end. his kingdom will never end. >> god will bless you! the child who is born will be holy! all behold a virgin child and jesus is the son. you will call his name! with god, it shall be done. with god, it shall be done.
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♪ music god reigns blessings on you.
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♪ music [applause] ♪ music [applause] >> in those days, a decree went out from caesar augustus that all of the world would be regularreregistered to pay tax. joe receipt went from nazareth to bethlehem because this was his family's home from the line of david. he took mary with him to be registered and she was close to delivering her child. >> wild they were there, the time came for mary's baby to be delivered and she brought forth her first born son. she wrapped him in clothes and laid him in the manger because there was no room for them in the inn. they were with the county
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shepherd out in the field catching watch over their flock by night. an angel of the lord shone all around them and the angel said to them -- ♪ music
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for behold i bring to you! oh, behold i bring to you, just rejoice! ♪ music
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dplosh i can't in excelsis deo. gloria, gloria, gloria! floor i can't, gloria, gloria! gloria, gloria, gloria! gloria, gloria, gloria!
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for behold i bring to you glad tidings of great joy. gloria, gloria! gloria! gloria! gloria! and be gracious unto you. and be gracious unto you! gloria! gloria! gloria! gloria! mus♪ music [applause]
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pews mus♪ music oh father god, what's this i hold? if so tiny in these splintered hands. i hold the promise you spoke of in a dream, a ca carpenter like. oh, strong and steady hands and guide the steps to understand. i will be his child! and you will show me how to live
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life is as i should. you'll teach me and love me as your own. you will be scared, the price of brain and loss, the work that you begin. you'll finish in the end. a sacrifice that's made of wood. i'll receive the love you made. ♪ music
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[applause] >> after jesus was born in bethlehem, wise men from the east came to jerusalem asking, where is he that's born king of the jews? we have seen his star in the east and we have come to worship him. >> this star rose and went before had him until it came to rest at the place where the christ child was. they went foo the house and saw the child with pairry the mother and fell down and worshiped him. then opening their treasures, they offered him gold, frankincense, and myrrh. >> the kings of the earth will offer gifts. they will bow down before him. all nations will worship him and his name shall endure forever.
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♪ music we three kings of orient are bearing gifts we traverse afar, field and fountain, moore and mountain, following yonder star. born a king on bethlehem's plain. god i bring to crown him again. king forever, seizing never, over us all to reign. frankincense to offer have i. in sense owns a dietty high. prayer and praising, all men raising, worship him god on
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high. ♪ music myrrh is mine, it's bitter perfume. breathes a life of gathering gloom. sorrowing, seeing, bleeding dying, sealed in the stone cold tomb. ♪ music glorious now behold him arise. kings and god and sacrifice. alleluia! alleluia! earth and heaven replies. o star of wonder, star of night, star with royal beauty bright. westward leading, still
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proceeding, guide us to the perfect light! star of wonder, star of night. star with loyal beauty bright. westward leading still proceeding. guide us to the perfect light. guide us to the perfect light. [applause] ♪ music
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hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! for the lord god omnipotent! hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! for the lord god omnipotent, reignth. hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! for the lord god omnipotent, reignth! hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah!
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for the lord god omnipotent! hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! the kingdom of this world is become the kingdom of our lord, and of his christ! he shall reign forever and ever. and he shall rain forever and ever! and he shall reign forever and ever! and he shall reign forever and ever! king of kings. forever and ever! hallelujah! hallelujah! and lord of lords! forever and ever!
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hallelujah! had hallelujah king of kings! forever and ever! hallelujah! hallelujah and lord of lords! forever and ever! hallelujah! hallelujah! king of kings! forever and ever! hallelujah! hallelujah king of kings and lord of lords he will reign forever! and he shall reign forever, forever, and ever! and lord of lords! hallelujah! hallelujah! he shall reign forever and ever!
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he shall is reign forever and forever and ever! forever and ever and ever! hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! ♪ music [applause]
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